AdsUnlock provides a unique blend of innovative ad placements and basic placements which initiate positive conversations about your brand. Our ecosystem provides appropriate context and targets only your potential audience. We help create a brand story to engage with your audience in the most impactful way.

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Innovative Ad Placements

Campaign Types


Pay for every thousand Impressions


Pay only when your app is installed from AdsUnlock


Pay only for every click received

Eliminates wasteful ad spending

Eliminates all types of ad fraud
Provides a brand safe environment

Provided free-of-cost as standard offering
Maximizes campaign ROI

Continuously evolves to provide all-round protection in real-time

Targeting Options

Geographical Targeting

Reach only in the areas where you want to do your business. Use the radius option to select a radius around the area you want to target.

Device Targeting

You can use this option to target the devices your audience is using based on purchase behavior.

Operating system (android / ios)

Target your Ad based on the operating system users have on their phone. You can choose both if need be.

Connection type (wifi / cellular)

This is when you particularly want to show the Ad only when they are on Wifi or cellular internet network.


Select the gender you want your Ad to be shown to. You can select both if need be.

Age (edited)

Allows you to target people based within a specific age range based on the purchase behavior of your audience.

Promote your Brand with our comprehensive Ad Network and deliver high brand awareness with Adsunlock.

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